Curing Disease, Aging & Death

The greatest medical achievement over the past century was the leap of life expectancy from well under 50 to 76 years. The USA Today reports that doctors today say that now things are happening in anti-aging research that could not even be imagined a couple of decades ago. Doctors and scientists now believe we are on the edge of spectacular leaps in life expectancy, possibilities they would not even entertain a couple of decades ago.

Why? The biggest reported reason is: twenty years ago, anti- aging research went from a fringe science to a mainstream science. The most exciting and aggressive research in medicine today is tied to anti-aging.

The Association for Curing Aging and Death, which will eventually emerge as result of this group, is here to take the idea of not dying from a fringe concept to a mainstream concept.

The Neothink Society and its Church of God-Man is a sort of “grassroots effort” to generate interest from the ground up in curing aging and death, which will grow into a powerful, organized movement. When I am convinced that enough people are seriously interested, to the point they will contribute hard- earned money to Project Life, then I will formally structure the Association for Curing Aging and Death and begin the scientific research.